Friday, November 12, 2010


Lots of new changes. Not taking time to post about them all right now. I'm still sewing slowly but surely. There is a lot to update here. It'll take me some time but I'll updated this sooner or later. :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Apron Swap

You may have seen the last Apron Swap I joined which resulted in some very cute and practical aprons. This time around the theme was all about embracing the holidays. Participants were allowed to choose a Thanksgiving or Christmas themed apron and my partner and me chose Christmas.

Sue from Arizona sent me a smock-type apron with big pockets and a tie that ties in just the right spot. It's got a lot of skinny-minny bias tape and I salute Sue for being such a pro at it. It's a really comfortable and cozy apron with little kitties playing with ornaments and I like it a lot. She also sent me a selection of chocolates - sweet!!

I made this curvy apron for Kathy in New York. The pattern didn't allow for a lining so I added it myself. It's *kind of* double sided but not really. The straps on the top are added a little strange. My boss and I brainstormed about how they could have gone on with a decorative button or something instead but hindsight is 20/20. I was cramming to finish it so I didn't have time to make any other adjustments. I really suggest this pattern. It's a great looking apron and the bias really isn't that bad.

A little bit of fall...

Did you happen to see the wonderful Fall and Halloween charm packs from Moda this year? Scottie Dog Quilts also had a really cute little pumpkin quilt up on the wall and I was inspired. I didn't get to adding borders - you'd think that I could have managed it, but no. Instead of stuffing this UFO away in a drawer I decided it could go up on the wall anyway. I love these colors. So cute. :)

Doll Quilt Swap IV

The Doll Quilt Swap IV ended in October and I am finally getting around to posting photos of the quilts I made and received.

First up, the quilt I received. Wanda made this adorable little star quilt in Tula Pink's Full Moon Forest fabrics. She really did her homework and chose wonderful prints. The colors are perfect and I feel so lucky to have this little gem. Look for the cute little owl in the middle block. It's such a happy little quilt and I love it. Thanks Wanda!!

My partner was Patty in Oklahoma. She's actually friends with Shelly who made my quilt in the last swap. Patty had many different likes and not too many dislikes but she was absolutely sure that she didn't want anything PINK! She really said it like that too. :)

I really struggled with an idea for this quilt and ended up making "Mini Asian Bowties." The pattern is from and was fun to make. The little teeny triangles weren't that hard. I played with the order of the blocks for about a week and due to my need for colors and patterns to be "in order" I ended up with straight rows of color. No scrappy mix and match for me, thank you very much. The background fabric I think really makes the quilt with beautiful fans of all colors. Thanks Scottie Dog Quilts for carrying great Asian prints. I actually used the fat quarters I won in a raffle a few years ago. They were meant to be used to make a Bento Box quilt but I had to use them in this quilt. I only needed to use a couple of small strips for the bowties so I be able to still get some Bento Box blocks out of them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My name is Lisa, and I surivived paper piecing.

The second birthday block for August was the Broken Heart block (from Quilter's Cache), chosen by Margaret. She asked for the block to be done in off-white / cream / beige and 30s reds and yellows. There were two sets of instructions provided for this block - traditional piecing and paper piecing. I tried the traditional piecing but I couldn't get the final blocks to measure up right. Onto the paper piecing.

While at Scotty Dog QS for fabric I received a little paper piecing pep-talk from store owner, Brenda Lou. If I remember correctly, she said she taught the very first paper piecing class here in Eureka seventeen years ago! So I headed home... thought about it for a couple of days and finally took a deep breath and dove in. Five or so hours later it's finished. This block stretched my abilities in quality of work and my attention span. I'm glad it's done and I'm glad Margaret chose it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rigby and Lil' Sgt. Pepper

Here's Nell's birthday block for August. She chose a pet theme and I had originally planned on making a turtle but time was running out and I wasn't happy with the turtle pattern I had. I actually got the orange striped fabric from the Obnoxious Fabric Swap I participated in a few months ago! I think it's not quite so obnoxious now. ;)

Apron Swap

So the apron for my partner in the Apron Swap was finished on Sunday and mailed yesterday. She should be getting it by Thursday at the latest. I hope she likes it! I used a Butterick pattern that was at times quite challenging to read. After just as much ripping as sewing it finally came out just right. I added a second pocket and some lace trim in a few places. The pattern called for a back strap between the shoulders in the back but they felt constrictive so I took them out. The straps don't seem to have any problems staying on so I hope my partner is okay with that.

In the end I forgot to take a real finished picture other then a half-way photo and one of my husband modeling it for me. At first he insisted that I was not to post it on my blog, but after begging him I think he feels okay about it now. ;) Perhaps my partner will take a picture and I can remove his incriminating photo.

I also received my apron from Randi from Italy. It's so cute and very useful. I love the pattern and fabric. It has straps that criss cross over the back and then button on the sides. I'm thankful that Randy included multiple button holes so I could button the straps on the shortest length possible. The double pocket is great, and the front pocket has a couple of channels in it that are great for a marking tool, seam ripper, or rotary cutter. I had asked for an apron that I could wear while sewing because I'm always losing my tools!